Meta-Lab is an independent and non-profit provider of research, training and information services for the scientific community.


Our mission

The purpose of Meta-Lab is to increase the economic, social and intellectual value of scientific research.

We promote an approach to science that is interdisciplinary, transparent, inclusive, reflexive and cost-effective.


Our legal form

Meta-Lab is a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered in England and Wales (Company number 10643889).

A CIC is a legal form under the UK Companies Act 2006. Assets owned by the company are held in an asset lock, which secures those assets to applications for the good use of community.

CICs are regulated by the Community Interest Company Regulator via an annual report. The Community Interest Company Regulator’s office is a part of Companies House and governed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


Our community

We work for the whole scientific community, across nations and disciplines.

This community include, among others:

  • Research funders
  • Learned societies
  • Higher education institutions
  • Scientific publishers
  • Software developers
  • Data providers
  • Policy-makers


Our services

1. We conduct independent or commissioned research-on-research to identify the drivers and obstacles to ‘good science’

2. We assist in reviewing, designing, implementing and evaluating new research tools and practices

3. We develop and implement bespoke education and training programmes at all levels

4. We monitor and report on trends in research practices

5. We assess the reproducibility of empirical research