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Arnaud is a social policy evaluator with 13 years of experience in the private sector and in academia. He is specialised in systematic reviews and implementation research. His academic research focuses on the the economic, political, psychological and philosophical factors driving researchers’ decisions. His research has been published in PLOS One. Arnaud holds a PhD in social research methods from the London School of Economics and Political Science.



Ben Styles

Ben has been a proponent of good scientific practice throughout his career, starting with his DPhil in neuroscience and then through lobbying for randomised controlled trials in the field of education research. He now leads the National Foundation for Educational Research’s Trials Unit. His most recent achievement has been the production of a statistical analysis plan template now in use across the twenty-four organisations responsible for running education trials.


Research associates


Etienne LeBel

Etienne LeBel is an independent meta-scientist who investigates the transparency, falsifiability, and ethics of scientific research, with a particular focus on the field of psychology. He previously lead, a grassroots initiative on methodological reporting practices in psychology that contributed to raising journal reporting standards. His current efforts are focused on, a platform to estimate the trustworthiness of empirical research by quantifying its method transparency, analytic reproducibility/robustness, and effect replicability. Etienne holds a PhD in psychology and research methods from the University of Western Ontario.


Maria Monge-Larrain

Maria is an economics PhD student at the University of Kassel with experience in systematic reviews and experimental economics. Her research interests focus on behavioral economics and policy design, with an emphasis on expectations, social norms, and moral behavior. Before starting her academic career, she worked in the public sector in the area of education. Maria holds a MSc in Economic Behavior and Governance from the University of Kassel.